Operation Axolotl Cake

Oh my goodness my creativity ends where the food mixer starts.  I CANNOT decorate cakes. The end.

Extreme requests from an over imaginative 7 year old boy has seen me meet my match! An Axolotl cake.  I repeat an Axolotl cake.  What the.

The attempt has been successful, the ideas were there, the tools were there, the shape was there but the execution was not! Although a very impressed 7 year old birthday boy gave me a huge hug of approval, my dear cake is not very photogenic  or fit for viewing for anyone over the age if 9 (I say 9 because my big boy also gave me the nod approval)

imageA sneak preview and I mean sneak is all that’s allowed!  I have too many friends that are cake makers/decorators extraordinaire so could not handle the humiliation!!!! I’m already imagining them in front of their screens with tears of laughter rolling down their faces!!!! It’s too painful.

That’s why we are different.  That’s why God created us unique with our own gifts and talents and I am thankful for my Senior Pastors for recognizing that God didn’t give me creative talent with food but with other things lol.   I’m praying my 8year old gives me a more manageable request for his cake in a few weeks time!

Im off to devour some chocolate Axolotl! Chocolate will fix it!!!

Big Love

L xx


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2 comments on “Operation Axolotl Cake
  1. sharronanne says:

    love your cake and your sense of humour.


  2. Sarah Downie says:

    Haha love this!! We’ll tackle the big boy’s cake together (over a bottle of bubbly methinks!!) xxxxxx


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