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When life gives you lemons make lemonade!

I love this quote and it often makes me smile because out of something sour you can make something sweet and delicious! It’s the same with life, out of a bad day there will always be something sweet in there somewhere! I’ve

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Alive 2015

Well I have just spent 4 days at Alive Conference in Rotorua, hosted by New Life Churches International in New Zealand and it was the first time they had opened it up to everyone other than Senior Pastors and Youth

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Video Link

Oh my goodness! It’s best that I don’t watch myself anymore! Because when you self critique you go way too far… Way too far! I have pulled myself to pieces and for what? God placed this message in my heart,

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The Great Involvement

Eeek I did it! I delivered a word on a Sunday at Church! TWICE!! And guess what I survived and not only that I LOVED it! I love writing and yup you guessed it… Talking!! So sharing what God has

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