Hello from the other side


Well hello girls,

My Inlaws have been to visit and every shop my mother in law and I went in the Adele song Hello seemed to be playing. I can’t say I’ve really heard it before not that I’ve taken much notice anywhere and I can’t say I really listened to it after the first Hello from the other side as it seems they were the only words that registered in my little brain!! It got me thinking about our life testimonies and mine in particular and then before I knew it God had dropped the time to write seed back into my heart teamed with this image from Elevation Church I realised it was a clear God message……

Neil and I have been together forever, for longer than we were apart ahhh such romance! Right from the very start we were big dreamers, big planners and big adventurers by 25 we had been around the world twice and around Europe more times than I can count. It is a real shame that you don’t appreciate the world in your 20’s like you would if you were to do it in your 40’s! We made a plan and moved to Oz, again dreaming for the biggest and bestest life for us and our future dukelets. We started to build our dream home it was manoosive, huge, bigger than I ever imagined from the plans but it was our dream and we forged ahead in between having two kids just to make life easier???

Fast forward five years of struggling with boys that required no sleep at all and a husband trying to provide but also trying to finish what we had started life got a bit heavy, Ok a lot heavy but being together so long enabled us to press on in a state of nothing to try and reach the other side, it was touch and go for a while and I am still surprised we are here to tell the tale. In the midst of all this we met a wonderful couple who literally led us to Jesus one night just like that.

Not long after this we embarked on a God journey that took us completely by surprise, in our wildest dreams we would have never ever anticipated the season and adventures we were about to undertake!

We moved to NZ, got planted in our beautiful Church {plug Ashburton New Life Church} and life just was different very different. It was a real struggle for me to move from beach to country from hot to cold from what I knew to what I didn’t. In fact I hated it and the first year was pretty much me blaming my husband for dragging me to this place that was miles from anywhere tropical, it was freezing in winter and so so different to my comfortable. Then through circumstances and things we couldn’t control we lost our dream home in Australia, everything we had worked and saved and dreamed about just fizzled through our fingers. GONE. FINISHED. NOTHING. I can say it so matter of fact now because I’m saying ‘hello from the other side’…….

At the time it was manoosive, huge, big, it broke our world, nearly, very nearly ruined 23 years of togetherness for us, I watched my husband sink into depression and suffer from anxiety for the failure he felt, I also blamed him again a lot. I didn’t understand his depression either, I’m not a good person to call on if you’re sick by the way, I’m hopeless but and I say this with a massive BUT through Gods love and grace and his strength which we learnt very quickly to lean on and no matter what we got through it. It wasn’t easy at the time but now as I look back as I’m on the authorised I can’t believe I worried so much, I can’t believe the situation controlled so much of our lives and our thinking – now it doesn’t seem so bad after all, even though I know it was, I just love how God heals. We now have more than we could have ever imagined 2 years ago when that happened, our relationship is so much stronger, we have land coming out of our ears and an amazing lifestyle for our boys to grow up in. I remember signing the papers at our solicitors for our new house here and I was nearly sick, I was crying and suffering from anxiety incase it would happen all over again. Christine Caine said at a recent conference if there isn’t a white line around your body, Jesus hasn’t done with you yet and you are still here fighting strong. It wasn’t until July last year as I drove home from a school drop off and the crisp blue winter sky was staring at me that I realised I had everything I needed and that I wasn’t turning back anymore wishing I could’ve done things differently, wishing I was still on a tropical beach! Thats right I am now a country bumpkin (well maybe, as I definately wouldn’t say no to a tropical beach God, just saying!)

Whilst it was a financial loss and like I said now it seems so insignificant and a bit like Louise what was all the fuss about kind of story, it was real at the time and without that I wouldn’t have learnt to lean in on God like I did, so quickly, we, both my hubby and I wouldn’t have learnt to trust God no matter what, we wouldn’t have known that he works everything together for good, that he would never leave nor forsake us and that his plans are to prosper us not to harm us.

So right now I want to encourage you, that if you haven’t already you will be saying ‘hello from the other side’ seasons aren’t forever, (thats why there’s more than one of them) and like Christine Caine said you are not dead yet and God is right with you, he will never leave you. You will overcome what you are going through and when you do come through the authorised of your journey you will be stronger, fitter and braver than you ever ever anticipated x

BIGGEST love girls,

L x

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