Spring Clean


Hi beautiful,

I came across this blog from Milk and Cookies and really wanted to share it with

Ah, springtime… I love spring! The signs of new life are all around us, in the trees and the flowers and bushes. Even the birds sound happier! It’s just a wonderful time of year. Its a great time to start something new, its also a good time to spring clean…..

I came across this blog from Milk and Cookies and really wanted to share it with Gorgeous girls, enjoy…

Spring also gets my thoughts going about “spring cleaning.” I’m sure everyone knows about this specific time in the life of a house, where the “woman of the house” sets her sights on getting rid of dust, dirt and clutter.

One of the biggest chores is the cleaning out of closets.

The closet. It is well-known as the notorious “hider” of things; people place things in their closets that they soon forget even exist. And then, when spring comes, the closet door is thrown wide open, and the rummaging begins. however, it’s a productive sort of rummaging, as things are discovered and sorted, and either tossed or set aside to be placed in better order.

As I was thinking about this, the thought occurred to me that maybe more than just physical closets need to be cleaned out. We all have a spiritual “closet” that also needs cleaning out from time to time. There are things hidden there, and the funny thing is we try to even hide them from the Father, Who knows all things. But there’s no way to hide them, and besides, all they do is collect dust, which eventually causes things to smell musty and old.

What’s in your spiritual closet? Are there thoughts of pride? Are there doubts and fears? Are there resentments, wounds, feelings of bitterness? All of these things that maybe you thought you had already dealt with, but in reality, all you did was stuff ’em in the closet?

Well, it’s time to rummage through the closet, get those things out into the light, and put them where they belong.

While you’re in “spring cleaning mode,” have you thought about your prayer closet? Do you have prayer needs that you’re not spending time on? Do you have a list that’s “a mile long,” because you’ve not been dealing with issues that God has placed on your heart? Do you need to spend time cleaning out your prayer closet?

Don’t feel bad. We all have closets that need cleaning out. We all need to be focusing on the hidden areas of our “houses.” So grab the trash bags, and the vacuum, and the duster, and swing the door wide open. No matter what you find in there, God can help you deal with it all, and get the closet in better shape. And then you’ll feel better about your whole house.

Time to enjoy spring!

Much Love

L x

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