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Plant, nurture, flourish

I bought a plant from The Warehouse recently, I had great plans for it but didn’t have the right size pot so I bundled it in with some other plants on my table (avid Gardner right here!!) they all looked

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No Clothes for a year – update

Oh My Goodness!!! I cannot and I mean cannot believe that I am almost done in my year without buying clothes! For someone who bought clothes every week for what seems like my whole adult life, I am super impressed

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The Journey

Good afternoon beautiful Ladies, This week I heard an old song that reminded me of a really fun time in my life, as I was listening to it and reminiscing, the lyrics ‘like a journey I just don’t have a map for’

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Spirit Lead Me

I’ve had the words Spirit Led for a while and I love the Oceans song it just stirs my spirit so so much. Sometimes though it takes a little while for it to come together or things have come up that

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Mason George

  Oh my goodness, I really can’t believe my baby is going to be 9 tomorrow where did it go? I remember the time so clearly like it was yesterday but yet it really does feel like 9 years ago

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Mushy Peas Well I’m English and you know the national dish is/was Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas! I think the national dish maybe curry now but I’m staying with this one! I’m often looked at weirdly when I express my

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Fitness & Faith

Hi Girls This is not me but a fab article from Charisma magazine about fitness that I thought you’d enjoy! Fitness is much like our faith. When we delight ourselves in it, wonderful results naturally follow, both physically and emotionally.

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