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Spring Clean

Hi beautiful, I came across this blog from Milk and Cookies and really wanted to share it with Ah, springtime… I love spring! The signs of new life are all around us, in the trees and the flowers and bushes.

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Listen to the instruction

Love this scripture and the very tone and words used to talk to us in it! Have I not commanded you? It’s not saying have I not encouraged you, or advised you or asked you? No it’s saying have I

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When we are secure and strong in Him from us flows an air of beauty and confidence that surpasses any other. When our heart is transformed no matter what our outward appearance may be we exude beauty. I love this!

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Life – One big Distraction

Girls, Oh my goodness, I feel like I haven’t blogged for E  V E R! seriously I am so far behind my brain at the moment.  You know sometimes I plan things so perfectly that everything falls in to order

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Rise & Shine

Afternoon Ladies, I really feel the need to blog more at the moment but my week last week went totally out of control and this week, still on catch up I’m getting nowhere fast!!! On Saturday I hosted a breakfast

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Glorious Ruins

Morning Girls! Well its been a crazy week, a tiring week, an exciting week but most of all its been the best week! massive sigh now! I’m shattered but happy and I feel so alive……… The worship team sang Glorious

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